Author and Inspirational Speaker: Lynda Fishman, MSW

Everyone is faced with life-shattering events at some point in their lives – death, illness, divorce, loss of a job. None of us is ever free from bad circumstances, tough conditions and difficult challenges. That’s life. But whatever life throws at us, the way we CHOOSE to react is up to us. No matter what we are faced with, we always have choices. And we make choices.

As people, our power lies in how we respond to everything we are faced with, whether it’s a personal crisis or tragedy, a business challenge, or just everyday life. People faced with a crisis or tragedy don’t know what to expect. Other than family members and friends, the most credible support comes from survivors of tragedy. Lynda Fishman is a survivor of an unspeakable tragedy. In 1970, when she was 13 years old, her mother and two younger sisters were killed in an Air Canada plane crash. The plane was flying from Montreal bound for Los Angeles, with a stopover in Toronto. The cause of the crash was pilot error. All 109 people on board were killed. Her father was 44 years old, and the overwhelming loss understandably traumatized him. So really, she lost her dad that day too.

About Repairing Rainbows
Over forty years later, Lynda tells her story about how she dealt with, and continues to deal with that horrific personal tragedy, and the choices she made along the way – the choice to live and to seeing the value in learning and growing from life’s most difficult challenges.

Lynda’s book, Repairing Rainbows A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices is a much sought-after book, in its third printing, and it is having a profound effect by providing people with hope and inspiration. The power of Repairing Rainbows is that it makes people re-think, re-discover, and re-focus.

Repairing Rainbows is loaded with strategies, guidance and reassurance, teaching people that while at times life makes no sense, there is always a path to take back into the world to truly live.

Speaking Opportunities
Lynda has tremendous experience addressing audiences through media interviews and live speaking engagements, be it to a small intimate group or a room filled with thousands. Her talk addresses the life lessons and advice that come from well earned experience of horrific tragedy and the journey she took back to life.

Under the umbrella of her three P’s – POSITIVITY, PERSISTENCE and PATIENCE – Lynda talks about eight key strategies for people who want to CHOOSE LIFE over sadness, bitterness or feeling defeated – for people who want to choose to bounce back when life has knocked them down – for people who want to choose happiness and success.

There is no recipe or template to follow that will determine the course of any tragedy and the effect it has on one’s life. But the toughest decision a person has to make is whether or not they are choosing life. Whether you respond to a crisis with hope, is a choice. It’s a choice about whether you want to live or die.

Life is precious and must be cherished. In the end, it is all going to be about how much you smiled, how much you laughed, and how much you enjoyed your life.

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The audience was captivated from start to finish as Lynda took the time to share intimate details of her story and was truly engaging to the audience.

I have been lucky enough to hear Lynda Fishman speak twice, recounting her story about her life, her family and her accomplishments, after having been through a horrible ordeal as a young girl. Both times, I came out feeling that life is worth living and we must plunge forward and enjoy every moment and every day!!!!

Lynda’s talk made our function a great success. She told her fascinating life story, capturing everyone's attention and interest. It was so quiet in the room that I was afraid to even clear my throat while listening to her speak. Her voice was strong and relaxed, even though the story she told was so tragic and sad. She was composed at all times and her speech flowed naturally. She spoke of optimism even in the most difficult times in her life. There was not a dry eyed person in the audience. They felt for her but Lynda made sure that we all knew that she was a survivor. She spoke of hope, strength, positive attitude and achieving great life fulfillments.

Lynda Fishman is truly a wonderful inspirational author and speaker. She caught our attention from the start and carried us through her challenges and adventures until the end. She led us up and down and left us with unbelievable optimism. It takes a lot of courage and hope to want to continue living when the world seems so dim at times. With Lynda's talent in telling her unspeakable family tragedy, we learned so much - we all have choices in life, and we must choose LIFE!!

Everyone at our event found Lynda’s talk to be exceptionally high end and informative as well as inspiring. While the subject matter of Lynda’s life and her book is highly emotional and sad, Lynda described her journey in a sensitive and thought provoking manner. It was not just the story of the plane crash, which of course was the background, but it was so much more. People who had at first been hesitant to even read the book, went out to purchase and read the book after hearing Lynda speak.

Feedback received after the event was that Lynda presented as a totally engaging, interactive, warm and friendly person, full of good humour. Lynda’s talk was regarded as one of the best speakers we have had. Without question, we would invite her back to speak on other topics. She is an excellent presenter, well spoken and personable. She took time to respond to many questions, which lasted longer than her projected time line. Having been the organizer of the event, I found Lynda professional, accommodating, extremely respectful and a really nice person.

Lynda’s story would hit home with any audience because it speaks right to the heart. Whether you have experienced a tragic event in your life or not, Lynda’s story will overwhelm yet nourish your soul. Her anguished plea for help as a child and young adult make it hard to keep the tears in. But her ability to overcome great adversity and succeed in life made a great impact on everyone in the room. We were grateful to Lynda for sharing this difficult chapter of her life and opening up her heart. It was especially meaningful to hear about her strategies for recovery and how her constant optimism and faith in life allowed her to keep going, marry and raise wonderful children of her own. We were inspired and in tears.

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