"A riveting personal story of not permitting overwhelming personal tragedy to define one's life. A story of tragedy, determination and optimism."
Rose Reisman

"There's survival and then there's triumph. Lynda Fishman has done the latter, both in her life, and in this sensitive and riveting account of her personal story. Her optimism in the face of overwhelming tragedies, is indeed inspiring."
Kathy Kacer

"An amazing story of hope and inspiration. We all have challenges in life but it's how you deal with them that makes the difference."
Rick Hansen

"Compulsive reading - I couldn't put it down!"
Dina Pugliese

The Jewish Post & News
If truth be told, when I began to read Repairing Rainbows I was expecting a book of quite a different sort than what I eventually found... read more

Down-to-Read with Daniela
A story more remarkable and suspenseful than any blockbuster movie out there! What Lynda had to endure was horrific. Lynda’s family and friends truly came together to help... read more

Scranton Book Examiner
I have to admit this book is so powerful I needed to take a break from it after about 100 pages. Lynda's writing elicits such an overwhelming feeling of empathy from the reader... read more

Insatiable Readers
This is the story of a family torn apart by a tragedy that affected hundreds if not thousands of lives and the fallout experienced everyday as a result. This is also the story of how one young girl made a choice to do everything she could to escape the cloud of despair... read more

Mom Who Runs
After I read Repairing Rainbows by Lynda Fishman, I immediately called up my book club leader and highly recommended it. To my suprise, she was in the middle of reading it... read more

Reviews by Amos Lassen
I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is an unforgettable read... read more

Just Books
I found this book very unique and very insightful. Lynda speaks very candidly about her life. If you haven't read this book you should... read more

Reader Views
There were very few books which left me practically speechless. Repairing Rainbows certainly is one of them. It is a true story of incomprehensible loss... read more

Silver & Grace
If you are coping with loss, Repairing Rainbows is for you. If you need a reminder of how resilient we can be after a tragedy, Repairing Rainbows is for you... read more

Minding Spot
I don't read alot of memoirs, but time to time, one will capture my heart. One of them is Repairing Rainbows. From a family with not alot of money, the opportunity to fly to California for a cousin's barmitzmah is like Christmas... read more

To Read or Not To Read
This was a well written, heartbreakingly inspired book. In this book Lynda Fishman lays all her cards on the table and shares the tragic story of the loss of her mother and two younger sisters in a plane crash... read more

Juggling Life
This memoir was a compelling read and I have the utmost respect for Lynda Fishman. She is a woman worthy of admiration. She suffered a terrible tragedy when her mother and sisters were killed in a plane crash... read more

The Power of Inspiration
Whatever your challenges in life are, this book will help you put everything in perspective. I have now read it three times in full and keep opening pages when I need a little inspiration... read more

Author Geri Ahearn's Book Reviews
Lynda, Carla, and Wendy grew up in a home that was filled with riches. Their parents were not rich with money, but with love and happiness, which they shared with their family... read more

Simply Stacie
Repairing Rainbows is the true story of Lynda Fishman’s life. She was 13 years old when her mother and two younger sisters were killed in a Air Canada plane crash... read more

Coffee and a Book Chick
Sixteen seconds is a very long time. Time it yourself. On July 5, 1970, an Air Canada flight crashed with 109 passengers on board. For sixteen seconds of that flight, the passengers knew that they were going to crash... read more

A Mom After God's Own Heart
If you are looking for a book that will take you on a tragic, yet inspiring, journey you have to read Repairing Rainbows by Lynda Fishman. Before you start reading though have a box of tissue with you, they will be needed... read more

Library of Clean Reads
Congratulations to Lynda Fishman on her notable memoir. Her recall of so many details of her past is impressive. Throughout the book we are reminded of how precious life is, that it can be snatched away in a moment... read more

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