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Publication Date: June 15, 2010
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Repairing Rainbows
A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices

By Lynda Fishman

Toronto, ON – It was one of Air Canada's worst aviation disasters. Flight 621, en route to Los Angeles from Montreal with a touch-down in Toronto, crashed in an open field in Brampton, ON, killing all 109 passengers and crew members on board. The cause: human error. It was July 5th, 1970 and Lynda Fishman, then 13 years old living in Montreal, was devastated to find out that her mother, Rita Weinberg, and two sisters, Carla and Wendy, were killed in that crash. Her shocking reality instantly captured hearts and headlines around the world.

Forty years after the crash, Fishman and her family marked the anniversary of the staggering and tragic loss with the publication of her personal memoir, Repairing Rainbows: A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices. For the first time since their deaths, Lynda shared her personal journey from calamity to triumph.

"For years, I have not been ready to relive this horrific family tragedy. I knew there was more to my life story than the plane crash in 1970. In spite of it all, I chose to live a truly meaningful life. I hope that my story will help others overcome struggles and obstacles," says Fishman from home in Toronto, ON.

After the crash, Fishman and her father were left behind to face their devastating reality. The polarization of the life choices that each of them made in the years following the accident represents the heart of Fishman’s book. While her father, too overcome by despair, never managed to revive his spirit, Fishman made the choice to live. As a determined young teen, Lynda made a conscious decision to become happy again, and to lead a fulfilled and purposeful life. She managed to muster up the courage and strength to dream big, to be idealistic, to strive for more, and to live a meaningful life where she could make a difference in the lives of others.

Fishman's astonishing story took a significant turn when, at seventeen, she serendipitously met her husband, Barry Fishman. Both in the midst of personal tragedy, they strove to help one another overcome their disastrous childhoods through determination, love, and tenacity. Their individual childhood stories are tragic and shocking but their story together is truly a story of hope, faith, tenacity and triumph. Their eventual triumphs far exceeded their expectations, as they have each become well-known, highly respected individuals.

Repairing Rainbows recounts an important part of Canadian history that is sadly remembered by the families and friends of the victims. The story also reveals a woman's determination and will to embrace life fully, brought forth by her experience with life’s insidious nemesis – death – in all of its guises. There is a crucial difference between "truly living" and the existence that is so often mistaken for being alive.

The POWER of Repairing Rainbows is that it makes people re-think, re-discover, and re-focus.

People faced with tragedy don’t know what to expect. Other than family members, friends, or professionals, the most credible support comes from survivors of tragedy.

Lynda and Barry’s life lessons and advice come from well earned experience of horrific tragedy and the journey they took back to life. Their story, loaded with strategies, guidance and reassurance, is teaching countless people that while at times life makes no sense, there is always a way, a path, a direction to take back into the world to truly live.

And . . . they have the credentials. Barry has spent his entire career working in the health care and pharmaceutical industry. He is President and CEO of the Canadian operations for the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical company, Teva Pharmaceuticals. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Childhood Cancer Canada.

Lynda is a clinical social worker, a summer day camp director, and an inspirational speaker.

Since the publication of Repairing Rainbows, Lynda has set up the Repairing Rainbows Fund, which provides support for grieving children and their families.

Repairing Rainbows is captivating and enlightening. While the memoir genre has become jammed with books about tragedy and triumph – along with common, tedious, uninteresting and unexceptional stories - Repairing Rainbows is exactly what a good memoir should be - a unique, gut wrenching, inspirational story about marriage, family, love, hope, gratitude, and most especially, choices.

Repairing Rainbows is already a much sought-after book, having a profound and unbelievable effect on people.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit:

Ms. Fishman is available for interviews on the subject of her book.

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Repairing Rainbows: A True Story of Family, Tragedy and Choices
Lynda Fishman
978-0-9866074-0-0/304 pages/$18/Memoir/PB
Publication Date: June 15, 2010
© Lynda Weinberg Fishman


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