Repairing Rainbows Preferred Charity

Lynda Weinberg Fishman understands, only too well, the critical necessity of supporting grieving children and their families.

Lynda is the inspirational author of Repairing Rainbows and the survivor of an unspeakable personal tragedy. At 13 years old, in 1970, Lynda’s life came to a disastrous halt when her mother and two younger sisters were killed in an Air Canada plane crash.

Back in those days, there were no grief counsellors or therapists to provide Lynda or her father with some desperately needed support. In fact, no one talked about the tragedy, assuming that the best strategy was to shield these traumatized people from having to think, hear or talk about it. Ultimately everyone hoped that time would heal their pain.

We now know without dispute that providing specialized services for children and families living with the death of a loved one can make a significant difference throughout their lives. The Repairing Rainbows Fund will provide financial support for the outstanding work being done at The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program. The program provides support and education to children and their families when a significant person in their life is dying or has died. The highly trained counsellors provide guidance on the needs of these bereaved children and young people.

Lynda has dedicated her life to making a difference and helping others. As a social worker with vast experience in dealing with children, and over 20 years as a camp director, Lynda obviously knows the true meaning of giving, sharing, loving, and being a great role model.

In 2010, Lynda's memoir, Repairing Rainbows, was published and received an out-pour of support from press. Repairing Rainbows chronicles Lynda's life. It captures her growth from a young girl into who she is now, and the steps she needed to take in order to live.

Repairing Rainbows is about so much more than tragedy – it is about family, love, hope, gratitude, and most especially, choices.

Lynda has served in other leadership positions outside of her camping profession, is an inspirational speaker and facilitator, and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program.

Your generous support would make a real difference to this vulnerable population. Please give generously to ensure that the Dr. Jay Children's Grief Program remains a fixture for years to come.

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